Koh Samui drowning accident

The list of missing has been updated this afternoon. It appeared that all the Swedish names have been removed.

(Updated)The list of missing:
1. Miss Prang Songmeaung nationality: Thai Age: –
2. Miss Dang Polyeam nationality: Thai Age:28
3. Mr Sarawut Santhavi nationality: Thai Age:22
4. Miss Vipadee Shinchoo nationality: Thai Age:24
5. Mr Constantin Jena Meac nationality: Swiss Age: –
6. Mr Berand Wachs nationality: German Age: –
7. Mr Jason Edwood nationality: British Age: 30
8. Miss Jessica Crystal Powell nationality: American Age: 30
9. Mr Cian O Call Agman nationality: – Age:-
10.Mr Scott nationality: – Age:-
11.Mr Woehr Joel Wayne nationality: American Age:-
12.Mr Asso nationality: – Age:-
13.Mr Keith Fulbrook nationality: British Age:-
14.Miss Sarah Lewis nationality: British Age:-
15.Mr Nathan Cristopher nationality: Australian Age:23
16.Mr Fameem Vlqhani Bhuiyan nationality: Australian Age:24

Several names on the initial list of 17 missing foreigners after the boat accident off the coast of Koh Samui have been removed from the list. The still unlocated Nordic nationals are at this point only one Finnish person and one Swedish person, according to information from the Nordic embassies in Thailand.
     The initial list had three Swedes, two Hungarians, a Swiss, a German, an Austrian, a Norwegian and a Briton.
     Of four dead Westerners found floating in the area abut one kilometer from the coast of Koh Samui, Thai authorities told Reuter that they had identified one as an American man, the other as a male Briton but that the other two — a man and a woman — had not been identified.
     Police said three Thais were also killed in the accident, which may have been caused by overcrowding on the 40-seat, open-air motor boat which was carrying up to 54 tourists. No crash marks had been found on the bottom of the boat. The drainage tube had fallen off from the boat, which might have been another cause for it to capsize.
     “The speed boat was taking tourists back from the overnight full-moon party on Pa Ngan island back to Samui and sank at dawn,” Colonel Bundid Tungkaseranee told Reuters from a rescue helicopter.
     An injured Thai survivor told visiting Interior Minister Bhokin Bhalakula, who took a helicopter trip to Samui from the main tsunami victim identification centre in Phuket, that the boat was so crowded passengers had to stand on board.
     “There was no space for me to sit and no one was offered a life vest,” Intat Haechoo, a 28-year-old from northern Thailand, told Bhokin from his hospital bed.
     The vessel’s life vests were still in place and did appear to have been handed out, he told Bhokin.

Thai officials announced today the list of victims and the presumable cause of the accident.

The Thai authority also gave three presumable causes of the accident:
1.Malfunction of the boat’s steering system.
2.Collision with unknown object.
3.The captain’s fatigue.

The list of missing:
1. Miss Prang Songmeaung nationality: Thai Age: –
2. Miss Dang Polyeam nationality: Thai Age:28
3. Mr Sarawut Santhavi nationality: Thai Age:22
4. Mr Constantin Jena Meac nationality: Swiss Age: –
5. Mr Bren nationality: Austrian Age: –
6. Mr Bcot nationality: – Age: –
7. Mr Asso nationality: – Age:-
8. Mr Hasse Svensson nationality: Swede Age:-
9. Mr Anderas Skyttner nationality: Swede Age:-
10.Mr Richard Jansson nationality: Swede Age:-
11.Mr Litial Mihaly nationality: Hungarian Age:36
12.Mr Kiss Zoltan nationality: Hungarian Age:35

The list of hospitalized:
1. Miss Mairi Veere nationality: Estonian Age:24
2. Miss Mari Ojasaar nationality: Estonian Age:22
3. Mr Leigh Ferdman nationality: American Age:22
4. Mr Tauno Laasme nationality: Estonian Age:30
5. Mr Sadell Bertcarl nationality: Swiss Age:33
6. Mr Fridolin Muff nationality: Swiss Age:60
7. Mr Inpach Hershu nationality: Thai Age:28

The list of dead:
1. Mr Seri KerdSuvarn nationality: Thai Age:24
2. Mr Khomkris Channong nationality: Thai Age:18
3. Miss Lumpoo Piwsa nationality: Thai Age:-
4. Mr Elster Bradley MARC nationality: British Age:38
5. Mr Zachary Tschetter nationality: American Age:30
6. Caucasian Female nationality: – Age:-
7. Caucasian Male nationality: – Age:-

Thai rescue personnel are still looking for 17 people missing after a boat accident off Koh Samui which have cost eight people their lives.
      In total eight are reported dead, among them two US citizens. The bodies of another three dead foreigners have been retrieved but not yet identified along with three Thai victims of the disaster.
      Twenty people have been hospitalized while seventeen people are still missing. There is at this point no information on other Nordic citizens involved.
      The boat capsized with 45 passengers on board on open sea early Tuesday morning when traveling from Koh Pang Ngan to Koh Samui.
      We have received information that the injured include 1 American, 1 Estonian and 3 Swiss nationals. At the moment we are checking hospitals, and through those who have survived if there were any other Finns on the boat.”
      Deputy Minister of Interior, Suthum Sangprathum has confirmed that the accident was caused by human error. The captain of the boat named Sawasdee Chalerm Choknava 3 , was also said to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. The boat was also known to have left the harbor with an insufficient number of life vests. The boat belongs to the Sea Breeze Bungalows and Resort, Hat Lamai, Koh Samui.
      Due to the ongoing full moon party festivities, there were boats operating through-out the night between Koh Samui and Koh Pa Ngan. For this very reason many lives were spared since many people were spotted by other boats passing by.

Nearly 20 people are still missing after a speed boat packed with up to 40 tourists capsized off Thai resort island of Koh Samui. Police and rescue workers have reported seven people confirmed dead in the accident.
      “The speed boat was taking tourists back from the overnight full-moon party on Pa Ngan island back to Samui. It is at this point not known if there were any Nordic nationals among the dead or missing. This news will be updated on www.ScandAsia.com when more information is available.

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