One Last Attempt to Find Missing Danes

Three trained police dogs are currently on the trip of a lifetime, as they have now put the soil of another continent under their noses. Together with their handlers, they are now carrying out one last official search for those 22 Danes still missing. The dogs are trying to track down the bodies under the sand masses which were brought in by the massive waves over the so-called Blue Village in the area of Khao Lak.

     “These dogs are the last effort to find and identify the missing Danes. We would like to be able to account for the fate of all those Danes who disappeared in the Tsunami, but we cannot guarantee that it will be possible. Realistically, we may be able to get the number of missing Danes down to less than 10,” says Frank Jensen, Chief Crime Inspector for the Crime Technical Department and the so-called Travel Team (Rejseholdet) to the Danish daily newspaper, Politiken.

     The dogs are a part of a team of dogs from all of Scandinavia. They worked the entire Tuesday, but did not manage to find any bodies. Due to the immense heat, the work is slow. The dogs are cooled off in cars with air condition every time they have covered an area of 200 square meters. The search efforts will last three to four weeks.

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