Filipino nurses get access to Swedish job market

Filipino nurses who live in Sweden have up to now not been allowed to work in their profession there because they lack the mandatory Swedish nurse license.
     A rule that comprise nurses from any country outside the European Union.
     But a new training program at Karolinska Institutet will make successful students from this group outside EU legally licensed Swedish nurses and eligible for work at hospitals and clinics in Sweden.
     Filipino nurses are among the twenty something students from more than eight non EU nations already engaged in this spring’s program.
     “It is economically unreasonable to keep them out of the labour market. It is also a private tragedy to be unable to work in your old profession in the new country,” says Elisabeth Almqvist, head of the new program at Karolinska Institutet.
     One necessary prequalification is to pass a Swedish language test. The program is preceded by a four week validation after which an individual training program is tailored.

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