SAS Consolidates Asian Operations

As part of the airline’s cost-cutting measures which started last year in the head office, SAS has now decided to consolidate its Southeast-Asian functions served by the Bangkok and Singapore sales offices under one area manager, who will be based in Sinagpore.
     The move is expected to reduce the airline’s operational costs by 20 per cent. The new general manager for the Southeast-Asian area will be in charge of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Indochina, Taiwan, and the Philippines, and he will start by April or May.
     The current general manager for Thailand, Indochina, Taiwan, and the Philippines, Mr. Axel Blom, is being promoted to be in charge of a subsidiary company under SAS Group. His new position is chief executive officer of Scandinavian Ground Services Company, responsible for central departure control.
     Bangkok will still be served by the same sales team, headed by a manager, who will now report to the Singapore office. SAS’ Asia-Pacific regional management will remain in Bangkok.

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