Embassies ready for “new” initiative

Danish embassies in South East Asia are ready and eager to follow up on a new Danish government initiative to promote the usage of the facilities at the embassies more intensively. Offering temporary office facilities to Danish companies at the Danish embassies, which is part of the new initiative, is however a problem at some embassies.
     “We have not currently set aside an office for this purpose,” says Tine Hylleberg, Commercial Counsellor at the Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok.
“But if we were to receive a request, we could certainly accomodate this – or help the company find space at one of the other Danish companies in town.”
In Jakarta, renting out offic espace is nothing new.
     “Currently one Danish company – Novo Nordisk – is working out of an office rented at the embassy,” reports Inge Durant of the Royal Danish Embassy in Jakarta.
     “And this is certainly not the first time we have been able to welcome Danish companies and provide them with office space, consultancy, secretarial back-up, communication etc. – all the basics that newcomers need for a successful start-up of their business activities in Indonesia,” she adds.
     In Singapore, Commercial AttachI Jakob Skaarup Nielsen says the commercial department at the Embassy has for many years practised many of the “new” initiatives – although renting out office space is not an option.
     “The service called “Rent and Export Advisor” has long been practised in Singapore under the name “Your Man in Singapore” and we already today provide preliminary partner- and customer identification on behalf of Danish companies as well as frequently participate in meetings with Danish companies entering the Singaporean market,” he reports.
     As for office space, Jakob Skaarup Nielsen says the embassy could assist with finding facilities at one of the other many Danish companies in Singapore or with one of the many companies offering serviced offices.
     In Hanoi, Commercial Counsellor Thomas Bo Pedersen confirms that office space would be available if requested.
     “Considering that most companies would want a tailormade solution, the price would of course depend on what facilities/equipment would be requested,” he adds.
     “Our assistance to Danish companies in their efforts to penetrate the Vietnamese market has many forms, including market surveys, preparation of visit programmes, lobbying, and participation in meetings with authorities and other counterparts,” he rports.
     In Kuala Kuala Lumpur the Danish Embassy is also fully ready to live up to the government initiative.
     “The embassy has already for many years had these services,” writes Ambassador Lasse Reimann.
     “We can arrange for office space, for specific assistance to Danish companies and other needs they may have in connection with their commercial interests on the Malaysian market.”
     In presenting the enhanced services to be offered by the embassies, the Danish Trade Council also mentioned regular “renting” out of the Ambassador’s time to participate in meetings when requested by the Danish company. This is, however, nothing new either to the Danish embassies in this region.
     “The Ambassador is certainly part of our package!” confirms the embassy in Kuala Lumpur. In Bangkok, the usage of the Ambassador for meetings with authorities is also “business as usual”.
     What Tine Hylleberg would like to see enhanced, is the Danish companies awareness of the standing offer to use especially the excellent meeting facilities at the embassy.
     “What I have long wanted to promote is the use of our excellent meeting facilities. Recently, we had for instance Arla Foods visiting their importers and distributors in Thailand. This meeting could have taken place here at the embassy with a short welcome by me or the Ambassador and ended with a light working lunch after Lars MXller Henriksen’s presentation.”
     “Follow up telephone calls on business meetings here is also a good option where we could assist the companies. It does make a good impression if a call comes from the Royal Danish Embassy – and maybe even in Thai language!” she adds.

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