Men, children and gender equality

‘Dear child’ is the name of a newly opened photo exhibition about men, children and gender equality. The photos, shot by Ulla Lemberg, are a historical account of the positive development which has occurred in Sweden between fathers and their children.
     The exhibition, which has been on show in 35 European cities before Singapore, is held at Sculpture Square in Singapore until 22 May.
     In conjunction with the exhibition, a seminar was held on 29 April with the theme, ‘Supporting Men’s Involvement in Parenting’, featuring two speakers from Sweden, Claes Ödman, President & Country Manager, Ericsson Telecommunications Pte Ltd, and Tomas Wetterberg, a father of two grown up boys 19 and 21 years old and currently working with the Secretariat for The Delegation for Gender Equality in the Pre-school, within the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs.
     It is no coincidence that the exhibition and seminar comes to Singapore. The city state is looking for ways to encourage its citizens to have more babies.      Sweden’s legislation for parental leave, which gives both father and mother rights to spend paid time with their newborns, is one source of inspiration Singapore takes a closer look at.

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