Finnish dental professors in town

Dr. Matti Pöyry, Executive Director of Finnish Dental Association and Prof. Dr. Kauko Mäkinen, a global expert on Xylitol, and Professor of the School of Dentistry, Turku University, Finland were main speakers at the launching of “Lotte Xylitol Plus Calcium” chewing gum by Thai Lotte Co., Ltd. in Bangkok on 3 June.
     Xylitol is a naturally occurring substance and is produced from xylan hemicellulose sources such as birch and other hardwoods that are mostly found in northern Europe, especially in Finland.
     “After a campaign was launched in 1970 to promote chewing xylitol-mixed gum after every meal, the tooth decay in children has been declining continuously,” Dr. Matti Pöyry said. “
     This is because xylitol is different from other artificial sweeteners, including aspartem, sorbitol, mannitol, etc. It does not cause tooth decay. Furthermore, bacteria are not able to degrade it into their food. As a result, it helps reduce the number of oral bacteria that cause tooth decay and weakens the bacteria.”
     Xylitol acts as a sweetener while also reducing the bacteria and reduces the quantity of plaque that cause tooth decay.
     “The bacteria, streptococus mutans, the most common cause of tooth decay, cannot digest Xylitol, unlike cane sugar, and in the absence of another food source the bacteria are unable to multiply and their numbers decline. That is how Xylitol can prevent tooth decay,” says Prof. Dr. Kauko Mäkinen.

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