Vietnam – promising mobile phone market

“Vietnam has big potential for mobile telephone market development” says Ola Ree, Chief Representative of Telenor in Vietnam, which recently opened a representative office in Hanoi on April 20.
     Arve Johansen, General Director of Telenor Mobile, said that the use of mobile phones has expanded rapidly in Vietnam over recent years and that he was impressed by measures taken by the Vietnamese Government and the post and telecommunications industry with a view to promoting a competitive and flexible market for the benefit of local people.
     According to Johansen, Telenor is seeking local partners to co-operate in expanding its mobile phone network in Vietnam.
     Firstly, Telenor will focus on developing an infrastructure system with a national-coverage mobile phone signals receiving and transmitting network.
     Secondly, it will target after-sales services in order to increase its market share in Vietnam.
     Ola Ree said that 2005 will be a busy year for his branch of Telenor, Norway’s largest provider of fixed and mobile phone, television, satellite, Internet and data services, which currently has mobile phone networks in 12 countries with 60 million subscribers.
     Ree went on to say that events this year will include its 150th anniversary.
     Telenor started operating as a fixed phone service provider in Norway in 1855 and began supplying mobile phone service in 1966.
     In 1981, it launched the Nordic Mobile Telephony System and in 1993, it was among the first groups in Europe to have introduced the GSM service.
     Telenor started establishing mobile phone network in Singapore and Bangladesh in 1997, Malaysia in 1999, Thailand in 2001.

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