Pulp and Paper Technology Seminar in Asia

The Embassy of Sweden in Kuala Lumpur in cooperation with The Swedish Pulp & Paper Technology Group and the Swedish Environmental Technology Network held a Seminar on the theme “New Available Technology” on 25th April 2005 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
     The seminar provided insights into the modernization, expansion and environmental issues relevant to the pulp and paper industry and discussion on an opportunity of an application of Swedish technology to the Malaysian pulp and paper sector were given.
     The seminar continued to Indonesia in Jakarta on 27th April 2005. It was held in Jakarta before in the middle of the 1990, and in 2003. A number of Indonesian pulp and paper companies participated in an Executive Tour to paper mills in Sweden.
     These seminars are part of the Swedish Pulp & Paper Technology Tour to India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The participating companies are ABS Scanpump, Eka Chemicals, Elof Hansson, IFS World Operations, Kvaerner Pulping, Lorentzen & Wetter, Purac, Uddcomb Engineering, and UMV Pulp & Paper.

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