C&C Travel Buys New Cruise Ship

On June 15, several months of thorough search for the perfect cruise ship came to end for C&C Travel, as they signed the purchase agreement to buy what has already been named “Coco Explorer 2”. The new cruise ship will replace the Danish travel agency’s current ship, the Coco Explorer, which has been sold after many years of loyal service.
     According to C&C Travel’s own website, the Coco Explorer 2 is a “large, charming, and informal cruise ship” with room for 300 passengers, which is three times more than the ship it replaces.
     The purchased cruise ship was originally built in 1968, but was fully renovated in 1990 for the whopping amount of 8,5 million USD. The Coco Explorer 2 fulfills all international security demands, and all cabins are made from fire-secure material and the entire ship has an extensive sprinkler-system installed. It is supposed to embark on its first trip on November 3rd, leaving Thailand to explore old temple ruins in Cambodia, historic sites from the colonial ages in Vietnam, vacant beaches and artistic temples and villages in Bali and Lompoc, as well as countless islands in the Philippines.

You can read much more about the new Coco Explorer 2 and about its destinations, as well as C&C Travel’s prices and offers by visiting either www.cctravel.dk or www.cocoexplorer2.com.

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