Danish oil spill protection successful in Vietnam

Ro-Clean Desmi A/S has offered four coastal cities in Vietnam to install its advanced Danish oil spill protection solutions. The four cities are Da Nang, Hai Phong, Na Thrang and Vung Tau.
     The proposals have been submitted through Ro-Clean Desmi’s local Danish liaison partner in Vietnam, Domus Logistica, with whom Ro-Clean Desmi already has completed six successful projects since the partnership started in 2002. The partnership has today gained a solid reputation as a supplier of high quality oil-spill booms, skimmers and barges.
      “We are very satisfied with the development of our engagement in the Vietnamese market,” says Ro-Clean Desmi’s President Niels Erik Jensen.
     “Our customers have an increasingly clear understanding of the strict duties and assignments laid upon them in the prevention of environmental pollution and that means potentially more orders,” he says, adding that Ro-Clean Desmi’s success in Vietnam is very much due to Domus Logistica’s knowledge of doing business in Vietnam.
     Domus Logistica has been active in Vietnam for eight years and continues to be in expansion mode. The company was first established in Hanoi, but has now an office also in Ho Chi Minh City and a very well educated and qualified Vietnamese staff.
     Ro-Clean Desmi’s oil spill protection solutions target leakage of tankers or spilling of oil or other chemicals during on- and off-loading both in in harbour as well as offshore.
     “Ro-Clean Desmi’s first four projects were delivered to the Vietnamese Petrochemical-industry and some of their Joint Ventures,” says Preben Hansen, Domus Logistica.
     “The latest two projects have now also been commission and further orders and deliveries are scheduled in the near future.”
     The new proposals to protect the four coastal cities of Da Nang, Hai Phong, Na Thrang and Vung Tau is supported by a growing official Vietnamese awareness of environmental issues and the importance of being fully prepared in case of a potentially disastrous emergency.

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