Danish Thai tourists coming back

Last year, the number of Danish tourist traveling to Thailand dropped 1.49%. By the end of 2001, only 78.728 had come to visit the land of smiles. This year, however, the Danes are coming back in even higher numbers than before. From January till May, the immigration recorded 42,262 arrivals from Denmark – an increase of 6,56 % from the same period last year.

According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, last year’s drop in Danish arrivals last year was clearly due to the effect of the September 11 attack on the United States

Danish tourists are good money spenders. In average, every Danish tourist spends about 3,353 Baht per day. And the figure is rising. Apart from accommodation, most Danish tourists would spend their money on shopping, food and drink etc. Most of the Danish tourists are 15-64 year and there are more men than woman.

TAT – Tourism Authority of Thailand stress that Danish tourists remain an interesting market for the Thai tourism industry.

Among the approximately 80.000 Danish tourists visiting Thailand per year, Phuket has become increasingly popular. Although Phuket is today considered a saturated market with high cost of living, it is still the preferred choice for quite a number of Danish tourists. Other favourite places among the Danes are Hua Hin, Pattaya and Krabi.

Thai-Danish tourism is not only a one way business. Thais traveling to Denmark is also increasing. Last year, 7.038 Thais traveled to Denmark, – an increase of 16.85 % from 2000.

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