Denmark, Sweden support Mekong Plan

At the first meeting of the Lao National Basin Development Plan Sub-committee, held on July 17 in Vientiane, Mr Boriboun Manolom, Director of General of the LNMC Secretariat said that among others Denmark and Sweden support the basin development plan by US$ 6.16 million.
There are nine projects in the BDP to develop the Mekong River including development of environment, forests, fish and agriculture along the Mekong river. He added that this includes the construction of harbors and embankments along the Mekong river.
The object of the meeting was to maintain national involvement and ownership of the Basin Development Plan (BDP) and maintain and support the BDP in high level
decisions and approval by authorities.
The meeting discussed the selection of a pilot sub-area and studies, progress of the BDP up to date, BDP implementation in the near future, discussion of BDP draft working papers and guidelines and advice for national planning of BDP implementation.
The Mekong River Commission (MRC) Basin Development Plan will run from October 2001 to 2004.
Mr Boriboun Manolom, Director of General of the LNMC Secretariat said that the Mekong river basin is one of world’s longest rivers and one of the most productive rivers with exceptional biodiversity. The Mekong river is ranked 3rd in the world for its number of fish species – more than 1,500 species.
The Lower Mekong Basin covers an area of 606,000 sq km and in 2001 the river was connected to a population of 62 million people. Forty per cent of the people who live along the Mekong river are in poverty.

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