Support for Danish relatives of Bali victim

Charlotte Høj and Chris Bradford came to Singapore in 1998. Chris Bradford worked for the Danish bank Unibank in Singapore. Seven months ago, the couple had a daughter, Emma.
On Saturday, 12 October, 2002, Chris Bradford was killed on the Bali bomb attack.
In a show of their deep sympathy with the bereaved wife and daughter, the Danish community in Singapore has established a bank account, where friends of the couple donate money instead of sending flowers for the funeral.
A book of condolence has also been opened at the Danish Seamen’s Church in Singapore, where friends can write a comforting word to Charlotte Høj and Emma. Chris Bradford’s funeral takes place on November 4 back in Sussex, England.
“Charlotte and Emma will after the funeral in England go back to Denmark where they face a long and difficult journey trying to get on with their lives,” four of the closest friends of Chris Bradford and Charlotte Høj writes in an appeal to all members of the Danish community in Singapore.
“For those of you, who wish to show your support in a more tangible way, an account has been opened, where you may donate in a memorial contribution to Charlotte and Emma, for instance instead of sending flowers to the funeral,” the four suggest.
Chris Bradford was in Bali together with other members of Singapore Cricket Club some whom likewise lost their lives in the bomb attack.
The account is established in Nordea Bank Danmark, account no. 2680 6265-954-365, swift code NDEADKKK. Contributions can be paid into the account throughout the month of November via net-banking or ordinary bank transfer. A contribution may also be paid in cash or cheque to:

Nordea Bank Finland Plc
Att. Niels Rasmussen
50 Raffles Place # 15-01
Singapore Land Tower

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