Swedish solution keeps the Communist Party of Vietnam in order

“Some bloody order is needed in a party!”, roared Swedish Communist Party Leader CH Hermansson at a 1960’s party congress dominated by anarchists and fractionist members.

Finally he lost the battle.

But forty years later his famous words are heralded in another party, for another reason and most importantly with success. At the archives of the Central Committee of Vietnam’s ruling Communist Party. When they wanted order, safety and realiability, Vietnam’s party found it at Swedish L Peter Johansson’s company Tellus Systems Limited.

“We completed the installation for the central committee by December 2000,” says Mr. L. Peter Johansson, Managing Director of Tellus Systems, a company he set up a couple of years ago after a career with Electrolux Constructor, now owned by Dexion from Australia.

Tellus Systems provides products and solutions for Industrial Storage, Material Handling and Office Storage & Filing and is the authorized distributor of the Dexion, Bertello and Lalesse brands.

“Right now we are completing the new 33 000 sq m export distribution center for Procter & Gamble in Thailand as well as an automated -28c cold storage facility in Thailand . I can not reveal the cold storage client’s name but that is the first automated plant of its kind in Thailand,” says L Peter Johansson.

Tellus is not only offering new products from its principals, but also offers service and maintenance of older installed systems. A range of products is also manufactured locally, which gives Tellus the flexibility to respond to local marked needs and requirements.

Tellus is also actively providing the same range of products and services in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, where carefully selected distributors / representatives are assigned to support on a local basis.

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