Swedish supported educational project in Laos moves forward

A programme supported by a grant from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) to improve Laotion school textbooks, provide educational equipment and upgrade the qualifications of teachers and administrators is moving moving into its second phase.
Speaking at a November 11-13 workshop to launch the second phase, Education Minister Phimmason Leuangkhamma said the second phase of the Educational Quality Improvement Project aims at closing the city-country education divide and improve the quality of education for all Laotians. The programme is one of many currently being implemented in 9 provinces, covering 70 districts
throughout the country. The project is part of the development of educational quality and teacher training nationwide and joins similar projects conducted from 1992-1998.
The project offers opportunities for people of different ethnic groups to have the chance to further their studies and help to upgrade the quality, quantity and efficiency of the education system.
Apart from the grant from SIDA, the project is operating on loans from the Asian Development Bank and a financial contribution from the Government.

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