Ikea recalls three-outlet power strip

Home furnishings giant Ikea on 1 September issued a recall of their power strip “Rabalder” sold in Singapore, and some European countries, that could give users electrical shocks.
         The power strip “Rabalder” has been sold in the 12 countries since April, but Ikea spokesman Charlotte Lindgren said tests in a store recently showed that it may malfunction and give the user an electric shock. 
         No one has been injured by the device, and no customers have received electrical shocks, she said.
         Ikea Singapore said that about 100 units of the Rabalder power strip were sold. It is advising customers who purchased the power strip to stop using it and return it to their store.
         “Rabalder” has been also sold in European countries like Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Norway, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, Russia and Hungary Lindgren said.

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