All That Jazz with The Piano and Malene Live in Bangkok

For the first time, The Piano, leading Scandinavian piano jazz trio band, and Malene Mortensen performed live exclusively together at a luxurious Bangkok Theatre on October 26, 2005.
         There were very few Danes in the audience. Most of the people in the half filled theatre were jazz enthusiasts who went to see and enjoy this live jazz.
         During this concert, The Piano presented songs from their first pop-jazz album “Eye of the Storm” as well as other songs which they had never played live before. Their music is very smooth and performed in a ‘Unique jazzy Brazilian style’ that you could enjoy and shake your leg along the show.
         They were joined by the beautiful guest singer, Malene Mortensen, with her charming voice. She performed the female vocal tunes from “Eye of the Storm” and she also presented her beautiful love song “All I want” with her marvelous performance on the stage that could captured all of the audiences.
         The concert was organized by HITMAN, who is keen on trying to develop and promote European Jazz in Thailand.

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