Sweden Opens Market to Cebuano Exporters

          Envoys from Sweden visited Cebu this year to encourage exporters to sell more products to their country as the gateway of the Philippines’ goods to the EU market and if any product could enter the market, it could also reach the other EU-member countries.
         Christina Af Klint who is project manager for imports of the Swedish Federation of Trade said that Sweden wants to increase imports from the Philippines and establish a stronger bilateral trade and economic links between Sweden and Cebu.
         “There are many good products from the Philippines but the figures of importing are low and we want to focus on frozen processed food, specifically seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, furniture, handicraft and information technology service” Af Klint also added.
         Sweden is interested in any product that is of good quality and it’s also strict in safety, especially on food products, and also the supplier conformity to ISO and Social accountability.
         Cebu is the first stop of Sweden in its trade promotion and the delegates will also go to meet exporters in Cagayan de Oro and Metro Manila.

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