Ericsson Provides Sun Cellular’s E-mail

Ericsson extends the managed service partnership with Sun Cellular to include Ericsson’s hosted enterprise solution for push e-mail and Personal Information Management (PIM) called Ericsson Mobile Organiser (EMO) which allows Sun Cellular users to get mobile e-mail more cheaply and effectively.
         Charles Lim, chief executive of Sun Cellular, said “In today’s competitive environment, it is important for their customers to have access to information when they want it, and to be connected to this information via a reliable platform while they are on the move.”
         Rajendra Pangrekar, Country Manager of Ericsson Philippines said, “We are pleased to provide Sun Cellular with technology and services that meet its customers’ growing needs, and we are confident that we will be able to offer more further down the road.”
         The first managed services contract with Sun Cellular was announced in November 2004 and included hosting of a video streaming service.

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