Norway Grants Aid to Vietnamese Red Cross

The Red Cross of Norway has successfully raised a total of VND 1.286 billion in 2005 to assist the Vietnamese Red Cross working in central Binh Dinh province. The aid went mainly to help victims in the flood-stricken region.
         The donations also helped people affected by flooding and other natural disasters to move to safe areas, and provided direct emergency aid to 8,913 households affected by the late October flooding.
         The money raised also bought new equipment and facilities to improve Red Cross operations and to provide training courses for local Red Cross staff.
         Since 2000, The Vietnamese Red Cross has run a programme to reach many of the more needy victims of flooding, and the Red Cross of Norway has granted a total of VND 3.194 billion since 2002 to help their counterparts in central Binh Dinh province carry out the relief programme.

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