Denmark Supports Sino-Vietnamese Cooperation on Petroleum Search in Disputed Area

DANIDA finance the project between Vietnam and China on Geological surveys in the Yinggehai, Song Hong basin.The project aims at creating a better geological understanding of the basin and its petroleum potentials through sharing information and knowledge across the border in the East Vietnam Sea – South China Sea.
         Ambassador Mr. Peter Lysholt Hansen made an opening statement at the second workshop and also stressed that cross-border geological cooperation carries the potential for economic, social and political benefits to Vietnam and China. Securing access to energy services is essential for economic growth and for the provision of basic living conditions. In the political sphere, cross-border geological cooperation can pave the way for regional understanding and cooperation.
         From a commercial point of view Ambassador Lysholt Hansen underlined that the Danish offshore industry along with other international oil companies is studying developments in Asia, not least in Vietnam, with great interest.
         This project is carried out under the auspices of the Coordination Committee for Geoscience’s Programs in East and Southeast Asia (CCOP).

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