Denmark Supports Effort to Combat Vietnamese Domestic Violence

The Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam has approved the project with a goal to improve the policy environment to struggle Vietnamese domestic violence.
         As a result of the Domestic violence which is relatively common in Vietnam and
the lack of sufficient enforcement of existing laws on the gender-based violence issue, the Department for Social Affairs, a specialist support unit under the Committee for Social Affairs of the National Assembly has proposed the project for the support of the Embassy to enhance their knowledge on domestic violence in general, to build the capacity of the Committee in the area of combating domestic violence. And more importantly, the project is aimed to advocate for the formulation of the Law Project on Domestic Violence.
         With the total budget of DKK 486,280 from the Danish support, Vietnamese law-makers will benefit from capacity building activities, better equipped with knowledge and information around the issue of domestic violence which will eventually enable them to formulate a Law on Domestic Violence over the next few years.
         This project will provide information and recommend feasible measures to the Law Project on Domestic Violence which is planned to be included in the list of law-building projects of the National Assembly in 2006.

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