Denmark Granted DKK 9 Million for Asian Disaster Preparedness

Danish Ambassador to Thailand H.E. Ulrik Helweg-Larsen signed an agreement to support Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, based in Bangkok. Danish support aims to demonstrate how to develop community resilience to natural disasters in Cambodia and Vietnam. 
         As result of an agreement, the Danish government will provide 9 million DKK for these activities.
The three-year project will be coordinated and implemented through Asian Disaster Preparedness Center and in addition extend the early warning capacity of the center. As part of the activities an early warning system will be developed especially designed to meet the requirements of local communities.      
         The fund is a follow-up to the ministerial meeting on regional cooperation on Tsunami early warning arrangements on 29 January 2005 in Phuket and a follow-up to an international workshop 16 – 18 November 2005 hosted by Denmark. 
         Denmark has already supplied 181 million DKK for tsunami related humanitarian relief in the region and 230 million DKK in support for rehabilitation activities after the tsunami mainly in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

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