Denmark and Sweden Grant for Vietnam’s Judicial Reform Project

The Danish Government has contracted to grant US$6.5 million to help Vietnam in the third phase of its legal and judicial reform project. The Government of Sweden also donates about US$800,000 for this project.
         This four-year third phase of the project starts in January 2006. It aims to improve legal access for local people by building up the rule of law, scaling up the efficiency of the State management, accelerating the democratization process and ensuring the legal rights and interests of the people.
         Moreover, this project will help to improve the capacity, quality and efficiency of the National Assembly Office, the People’s Supreme Court, the People’s Supreme Procuracy and the Bar Association under the Justice Ministry.
         The third phase of the project will be conducted at the estimated cost of US$7.3 million that is supported by Danish and Swedish Government. Consequently, the State has to shoulder the budget for US$316,000.

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