Nordic Chamber Meet Discusses Education in Thailand

The Nordic Chambers has organised a panel discussion involving four international schools in Thailand on January 11, 2006 at the Conrad Hotel, Bangkok.
         The schools invited to participate were Bangkok Patana School, Harrow International School, the International School of Bangkok (ISB) and the New International School (NIST).
         This information session involved a comprehensive overview of the different school systems and related information, in a bid to help expatriate parents make the right decision for their childrens’ education.
         Sanne Korn, a Danish expatriate parent said: “This event was very interesting for me as a parent anxious to learn more about the different kinds of schools available here. Choosing a school for kids is often done more by coincidence normally. It’s a matter of where the school is relative to where you live and work, how old your kids are, and how long you intend to stay.”
         She added that she wants her kids to be happy going to school where they can learn about life, independent of their parents in a creative environment and in a school with the proper approach to teaching.

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