Swedish-Managed Khao Lak Resort Back in Service

“It was a real kick start to the resort’s rebirth with TV crews from all over the world staying and filming here. And with as much as 300 meters of cables and TV crews for broadcasting live snaking all over the beach, it was really crazy, but fun nevertheless.”
         Aime described the two days of memorial as ‘beautiful’ but hopes that such an occasion is never again necessary.
         When the Tsunami hit the beach and virtually destroyed everything, she was not at the resort. The owner and one of his sons lost their lives. The resort is now owned by another son and managed by Aime, a 34-year-old Swede.
         “We had to rebuild everything,“ Aime explains. “But are now opened again for business and ready to serve customers.”

The resort
The bungalows are of various sizes and provide accommodation for more than 60 guests. The restaurant, beautifully situated on the beach, serves Thai food but Aime has plans to expand the menu to include international selections as well.
         Prices for a night’s stay range from 2,000 Baht to 3,500 Baht, while the location and the beach are highly recommended for families who want a quiet time at the heart of nature.
         “This first season recovering after the Tsunami was really uphill,” Aime smiles, “but already we are doing a little better than we expected.”
         Aime admits that they have had to lower prices because of the drop-off in tourist numbers.
         “The tourist authorities of Thailand more or less took Khao Lak off the map,” she says, “and the international travel companies did the same.” 
         Nevertheless it is amazing to watch the recovery of Khao Lak and on the bright side, if you pay the village a visit this season, you can almost get the whole place to yourself and your family!

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