Aceh-bound Danish Red Cross Workers Wait In Jakarta

‘Stay out of Indonesia!’ Although it was put in rather more diplomatic terms, such was the message to all Danes from Denmark’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday this week.
      Later that same day, the Danish Red Cross decided to temporarily pull most of their workers out of tsunami-hit Aceh province, where they are currently taking part in rebuilding efforts. For three days now, they have been confined to their hotel in Jakarta, waiting for the right time to return to their important work.
      “In light of the situation which developed in Indonesia [due to the Muslim protests over the Mohammed-drawings], we decided that it might be too risky for our personnel to stay in Aceh, where they were sleeping in tents,” the Red Cross’ Head of International Department Anders Ladekarl told ScandAsia Thursday.
      He added that the Red Cross work in Aceh continues in spite of the temporary retreat, since local staff and volunteers are filling in for the Danish workers.
      “Unless there are any new developments, we are planning to send all of our Danish staff members back to work on Monday,” Ladekarl said.

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