Danish-Vietnamese Furniture JV Approved

A joint venture sourcing furniture for export and joint production of furniture between Notio Direct A/S (Denmark) and TCT Company Limited (Vietnam) has received official approval.

The production of furniture will take place at TCT’s new factury in the Bac Ninh Province in the nothern part of Vietnam. The factory was established for this purpose.
The partners expect to achieve positive results and create a competitive position in the furniture industry.
Co-operation will among other things involve production of office furniture, library and bookcases and a series of bedroom furniture.
Notio will provide the relevant training of the Vietnamese workers and is also involved in the technical part of design and production, together with quality control of the products, and general marketing.

The co-operation is expected to create 125 new jobs in Vietnam over a span of just five years. Approximately half of the new jobs are expected to be for women.

The project is supported by the B2B Programme to train Vietnamese workers and to ensure high-quality occupational health and safety for the workers.

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