TNCC re-launches quarterly magazine in Thailand

The Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in May re-launched its magazine under the new name “Thai-Norwegian Business Review”. The new quarterly magazine came with visually attractive design and new concept for the content.
     The re-launch was made five months after the chamber had published the last issue of its six-year-old “The Pamphlet” magazine in November last year. This is to create a new profile of the chamber’s publication as a longer lasting, less immediate news oriented magazine covering Norway and Thailand from a strict Thai-Norwegian business perspective.
     The first issue of Thai-Norwegian Business Review, under the theme of environment, features green stories within and around the Norwegian business community in Thailand, such as Oceanor in its water quality monitoring works in Thailand and Hydrogas on its environmental management solutions.
     The magazine is distributed to members of all the Scandinavian chambers of commerce in Thailand (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish), members of the Foreign Correspondent Club of Thailand, airlines and hotels.
     The second issue of Thai-Norwegian Business Review will be under the theme of information and communication technology, and will be released in September.
     Interested companies with relevant news or features for this issue should contact Managing Editor Gregers Moller ([email protected]) or the Chamber’s Media Committee Chairman Erik Knive ([email protected])

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