Swedes Prefer The Beaches of Thailand:Survey

Swedish travellers have placed Thailand on top of their holiday destination list as they consider the “Land of Smiles” a destination with attractive beaches and warm sunshine.
      This was the conclusion of a survey covering 60,000 respondents conducted by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. Thailand was preferred by 31.8 percent of the respondents, followed by the beaches along Central and Latin America, more precisely the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Florida.
      These destinations were preferred by 12.1%, 11.5% and 8.2% of the respondents respectively.
      The result of the survey shows that Thailand’s tourism is showing signs of recovery, after
the slowdown caused by the tsunami.
      But it is not only the Swedes who once again say Thailand is their preferred destination, as the numbers of tourist arrivals from other countries has significantly increased. Following the tsunami, the TAT continued to publicize Thailand’s tourism activities. At the same time new tourism products, particularly along the beaches of the country, were introduced.
      Consequently, this campaign attracted tourists in the Scandinavian region as they prefer to take their vacations on beaches and in a marine environments.
      Promotions carried out by the TAT office in Stockholm has helped restore the tourists’ confidence towards Thailand – according to the result of the survey.

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