Danish Deputy PM Voices Concern Over EU Anti-dumping Measures Against Vietnam

Deputy Prime Minister Bendt Bendtsen says he is worried about the negative consequences of anti-dumping measures by the European Union against footwear imported from Vietnam.
“Anti-dumping measures by European Union against shoe products from Vietnam will have a very negative effect. It will harm European consumers as well as the more advanced producers. In the end, the cost will be paid by the consumers,” says Bendtsen.
He says he intends to talk to the Commission to consider the negative results of these decisions. “The decision of the European Commission is of great concern to me. I believe that the Commission is heading in the wrong direction. I will work actively to have the Commission take the negative consequences of these measures into account,” he said.
The Deputy Prime Minister is scheduled to visit Vietnam on 23-28 April, 2006 with a major Danish business delegation.

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