Rainwear Production Brings More Jobs To Vietnam

A Joint Venture of high quality rainwear and textiles production between Vietnamese Vitexco Garment and Viking Rubber Company from Denmark will bring more jobs to Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City.
On the expansion of the Joint Venture, Managing Director of Vitexco, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Gia Tuong, said “We have achieved an amazing result. The partnership with Viking Rubber has created 50 new jobs for two production lines at Vitexco. We have great expectations for the future. For example we expect to hire 50 more people in the new production set up. Just now we are planning the set up of a new production line in Cu Chi. When we move to the new workshop we will have sufficient space for the expansion.”
There is a need for additional training and technical assistance of the staff as well as attention to the working conditions in the new factory.
Recently, the Business-to-Business Program (B2B Program) has been approved and granted a second phase for a co-operation between Vitexco and Viking Rubber Company.
The two companies have established a Joint venture company which was supported by the B2B Program for the first time in November 2004. The co-operation has developed positively and the two partners strongly believe in the future. They plan to expand the production significantly and to move to a new and larger workshop during 2006. 


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