Vietnam’s Progress Impresses Danish State Auditors

A week-long Vietnam visit has given the Danish State Auditors a very positive impression of the development of Vietnam and the Danish-supported development activities, said Chairman of the Danish State Auditors Peder Larren.
The Danish Embassy in Hanoi said the Danish State Auditors ended a weeklong visit to Vietnam on March 11, 2006 after they had the opportunity to see a number of Danish supported development activities in Hanoi and meet with key politicians to discuss the priorities of the reform agenda for the coming five years.
The State Auditors started the visit in Ho Chi Minh City and traveled via Dak Lak and Quang Nam provinces to Hanoi. During a tight program, the auditors had the possibility to sense both the modern Vietnam with a high economic growth and to visit parts of the country, particularly in the Central Highlands, where they saw a continuing need for targeted interventions to further reduce poverty.  
In Hanoi the State Auditors met their Vietnamese counterpart, the Committee for Economic and Budget Affairs of the National Assembly and had meetings with the State Audit of Vietnam as well as the Inspector General.
With these partners they discussed the administrative reform process and the efforts to create a transparent, predictable and efficient public sector. The Danish State Auditors welcomed the newly adopted law on state audits and the law on anti-corruption and discussed with the counterparts the responsibility and considerable challenges they were facing in implementing these laws.
The State Auditors ended their visit in Hanoi with a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister, Vu Khoan, who briefed them on the philosophy behind the reform program and the priorities for the coming five years.


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