Biosensor Secures USD200,000 Deal With Thai Police

APAC Security, representing Swedish manufacturer Biosensor, has secured an order for five BIOSENS systems from Thai narcotics police. The order value is worth close to USD200,000 and the first for a Biosensor system in South East Asia.
“Together with our very competent teams in Thailand and Singapore, we carried out numerous tests in the various provinces in Thailand and those have proved productive,” Carl Lundberg, head of APAC Security in Australia said.
Carl Lundberg set up APAC Security in early 2006 after he left Biosensor where he was CEO, to market Biosensor’s products in Asia Pacific.
A week before the Thai deal was settled, Japanese customs authorities also placed a follow up order for additional BIOSENS systems.
Last year Thai narcotics police tried BIOSENS systems on several occasions and in the process snagged a 12,000 methamphetamine pill haul near Chiang Rai. At another operation at a night club in Pattaya, a number of heroin users were pinpointed instantly by the system.
Biosensor is a Swedish company located in Sundbyberg, a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden. The company has developed a unique vapour and trace technology based upon biotechnological sensoring. It can be likened to an artificial dog nose and the technology detects both explosives and narcotics simultaneously at a molecular level.

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