23 Chinese tourists hospitalized for smoke inhalation in Norway

A group of Chinese tourist were treated for minor smoke inhalation after a tunnel fire in Norway, the Chinese embassy said on Tuesday.


A group of 23 Chinese tourists and their tour guide were evacuated from the Gudvangen tunnel on the E-16 highway after a fire occurred in a semitrailer as they were travelling to Bergen in Western Norway.

The Chinese tourists decided to leave the minibus they were travelling in, as smoke filled up the tunnel and the temperature inside the bus was rising. They started to walk to the other end of the tunnel and they were picked up by rescue vehicles 4 kilometers away from the end of the 11.4-kilometer-long tunnel. In an interview with Chinese Xinhua the guide travelling with the group, Jin Bai, tells that all the Chinese tourist, who were taken to the hospital, are in stable condition. The group were on their way to Bergen after their trip to Finland and Sweden.

The tour guide Jin Bai added that the Norwegian hospital staff were helpful and friendly.

According to Norwegian media reports, 80 people were evacuated from the tunnel and 44 among them were taken to nearby hospitals.
Source: http://www.globaltimes.cn/

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