Vietnam – Denmark Cultural Exchange Fund Launched

The CDEF aims to support artists and cultural performances in Vietnam and cultural exchange activities between Vietnam and Denmark.
“The CDEF will contribute with quality support to many contemporary arts exchanges between Denmark and Vietnam and thereby get Vietnamese and Danish artists together in search of new ways of looking at things,” Danish Ambassador, Peter Lysholt Hansen said at the launch reception.
The reception featured Danish author Sally Altschuler and illustrator Tove Krebs Lange, who in collaboration with Vietnamese illustrator Long, gave everyone’s imagination free reign in a story that unfolded on the spot.
The dance ensemble ‘Discovery’ stirred things with an extract from the modern ballet ‘Inside and Outside’ before Thanh Lam, accompanied by guitarist Le Minh Son and percussionist Quan, showed off her vocal skills.
The CDEF is part of the Denmark – Vietnam Cultural Development Cooperation whih as been pledged a total of 3 million Danish Krone (500,000 US$) between 2006 and 2010 period.


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