Lack Of Foresight Costs Young Dane A Cool Half Million

After spending three weeks in a private hospital on Koh Samui Danish Rene Vands from Herning is now finally on his way home to Denmark. Those three weeks at a private hospital on Koh Samui and transport home will cost his family around 500,000 Danish kroner, as the injured man did not have travel insurance.
28 year old Rene Vands was in the final stages of his education as a professional diver on Koh Tao, when on March 31 his scooter hit a hole in the road and crashed. He was thrown against a rock and the collision resulted in serious facial injuries.
After the accident Rene was transferred to the private Bangkok Samui Hospital on Koh Samui, where he received plastic surgery on the left side of his face.
After three weeks in the hospital Rene’s condition was judged as good enough to transport him back to Denmark accompanied by his father Andreas Vands, who travelled to Thailand to be with his son for the last 14 days of his hospitalization.
Rene was transferred to Suratthani from where he was airlifted to Bangkok and from Bangkok he was flown to Denmark on a scheduled flight, Thursday.

No Insurance
On the fortunate side, Rene’s father was told that by the Thai doctors that they think Rene will not suffer permanent injuries although he is looking at a long period of retraining in Denmark.
On the less fortunate side, Rene Vands didn’t have insurance, so his parents back in Denmark received the full bill which they estimate will be about 500,000 Danish kroner.
     So far Rene’s parents have borrowed the money to pay for the treatment and friends and relatives have rushed to help too and are now raising funds to help out.


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