Bavarian Nordic Expected To Open New Labs In Malaysia

According to Bavarian Nordic Administrative Director Peter Wulff, the company is set to move their research on Japanese cerebrospinal meningitis and dengue from their facilities in Germany to Southeast Asia, where these illnesses are more widespread. Malaysia is the most likely candidate to host the move expected later this year.
Bavarian Nordic has already been successful in expanding its activities around the world from its headquarters in Northern Sjaelland in Denmark, housing its administration and production facilities. The company’s cancer research is carried out in the United States, and research in vaccinations against contagious diseases like HIV, measles, and RSV is currently carried out in Germany.
The company was founded in 1994 with research as its main purpose. Since then American customers have purchased vaccination material worth hundreds of millions of US Dollars, and in a few years, Bavarian Nordic has outgrown its role as a minor research endeavor and has instead become a large international biotech company.
The official announcement of Bavarian Nordic’s new presence in Malaysia is expected within the next few months.

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