Norway Helps Vietnam Improve Air Quality

The topics of interest are NILU´s environmental research with emphasis on airborn pollution, urban transport of air pollution, transformation and deposition, assessment of the effects of pollution on ecosystems, human health and materials as well as NILU´s systems for integrated environmental surveillance and planning systems.
NILU has engaged in air pollution and air quality in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the two largest cities in Vietnam that face dramatic increase in the number of combustion vehicles, a densening population in the cities and new industries.
In Hanoi, NILU is working with traffic related pollution and air quality. Meanwhile in Ho Chi Minh City, the focus is on air pollution and possible human health effects. NILU has established a surveillance system for monitoring the city’s air quality in Ho Chi Minh. It is today run by Ho Chi Minh Environmental protection Bureau on behalf of Department of Natural Resources and Environment I HCM.


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