Vietnamese-Danish Businesses Receive Export Award

Business collaboration between the Vietnamese company TCT and the Danish company Notio Direct has been rewarded for their export achievements in 2005 by Hanoi People’s Committee. The committee rewards companies with notable first-year export turnovers from the Hanoi area.
TCT, a Vietnamese company that produces home and office furniture, had an export turnover of more than USD 135,000 in 2005 which was the company’s first year with export activities and for this it has received the award.
Since March 2005 this company has co-operated with a Danish company called Notio Direct, which designs, develops and sells veneered furniture. The cooperation with Notio Direct has initiated the export activities of TCT. Thus, in 2005 TCT exported nine 40-feet containers of furniture to Notio Direct.
Following the success of 2005 the two companies have already decided to enter into a true joint venture for establishment of an export trading house which will export furniture and furniture parts to the USA and Europe.
TCT’s factory is located in Tien Son Industrial Zone in Bac Ninh Province close to Hanoi. 

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