Norwegian Funding To Earthquake Victims

The Norwegian government is giving 20 million NKR to support relief work after the earthquake in Indonesia.
The quake, measuring 6.3, struck on Saturday morning, flattening buildings in a densely-populated area south of the city of Yogyakarta on the island Java.
Officials at Indonesia’s social affairs ministry said 4,983 people were known to have died, while other reports put the death toll at more than 5,100 and the number might be even higher – as many bodies are still thought to be trapped under debris and rescuers say the odds of finding survivors are slim.
An aid operation is gathering speed in the worst-hit areas around Yogyakarta, where 20,000 people are said to have been hurt and 200,000 left homeless.

Norwegian support
The Norwegian minister of development, Erik Solheim, announced Sunday that the Norwegian government had decided to give 20 million NKR to the aid operations. The announcement was made shortly after Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg had spoken with Indonesian President Bambang Yudhoyono.
The support is to be channelled through several organisations Erik Solheim explained.
“10 million is to be given to UN’s humanitarian organisations such as UNICEF.”
“We support the Norwegian Red Cross with up to five million NKR, so they can set up and run a field hospital, and we are looking at giving funds to NGO’s as well.”
“The Norwegian government wants to help the Indonesian people through this difficult situation,” the Minister of Development said.
Norway is far from the only country channelling money to the relief work. So far the following countries have also made aid pledges:

United Kingdom – USD 5.5m
European Union – USD 3.8m
U.S.A. – USD 2.5m
Australia – USD 2.3m
China – USD 2m
Canada – USD 1.8m

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