C&C Travel Sells Cruise Ship

Just one year ago Danish travel agency C&C Travel happily announced that they had brought their very own cruise ship. The Coco Explorer 2 with room for 300 passengers.
The cruise ship – originally built in 1968, but fully renovated in 1990 – was to embark on cruises from Thailand to explore old temple ruins in Cambodia, historic sites from the colonial ages in Vietnam, vacant beaches and artistic temples and villages in Bali and Lompoc, as well as countless islands in the Philippines.
Sailing out for the first time in November 2005 the ship has now sailed its final journey for C&C Travel.

Stopping sales
Last week the first signs of problems started showing, as C&C Travel, which also sells charter trips announced that they would temporarily stop their sales, as the company was having economical problems.
The company announced that they had to reconsider their future and find out how to balance their finances. In order to do the later the company has now announced that they are to sell Coco Explorer 2.
”One year ago we made our dreams reality. We brought a terrific cruise ship, renewed it from keel to mast and started out with exploration, travels and a lot of happy guests,” C&C Travel writes at their homepage.
“But it wasn’t just palm-shaded islands and deep blue seas. There were problems ahead.”
“Oil prices exploded, bureaucracy and expenses for permits and harbours fees raised to unforeseen heights, and we had to face the fact that we were struggling to find a healthy economy in the cruises,” C&C Travel explains the situation.
“After a lot of consideration we decided we had to sell the apple in our eyes – the lovely ship Coco Explorer 2.” C&C Travel writes at their homepage adding that they have already started finding a buyer for the ship.

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