New Seamen’s Priest To Pattaya

Lars Haugan, 59, has been employed as the new Seamen’s priest at the Seamen’s church in Pattaya (Sjømannskirken).
He moves from a position as incumbent priest in Karasjok and will start work in Pattaya during September – something the priest is very much looking forward to.
“I like being out among people and I find my self as a priest, who is able to handle a diverse position. I like being a priest in Norway, but I believe that the church abroad can be more multitudinous. This makes the job in Pattayta challenging and exciting.”
“I am looking forward to start”, Lars says.
Lars Haugan is educated as a jurist and has worked as a lawyer for more than 10 years. He has also worked as a prison priest. The somewhat untraditional background is only a strengthening him as a priest, Haugan believes.
“I have meet a lot of people, who were difficult to deal with in my job as a lawyer. This has granted me much experience in dealing with, being with and understanding people – and listing to what they have to tell.”
“For me this is a personal resource that I wish to use in Pattaya,” the priest explains.
Lars Haugan is married and has four grown up children. He will spend the summer as a substitute priest on Gran Canaria.

Moving to New Orleans
The current Seamen’s priest Hilde Sirnes has come to the end of her three year term at the church in Pattaya. She moves on to take up the job as seamen’s priest in New Orleans.
As Hilde Sirnes leaves, the church will have two substitute priests during summer, until Lars Haugan arrives.
From the 14th of June to July 17th Ragnvald Seierstad will take care of the church. He normally works as the priest on Gardemoen Airfield.
During August the substitute priest will be Carl Traaen. He has already helped out at the church during December 2005 and Mach this year.

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