Vietnamese Bamboo Fences To Enter Europe

The Vietnamese partner Bac Ninh Company makes handicrafts for foreign markets whereas the Danish partner company Prodex develops, manufactures and markets a range of garden products in Europe. The cooperation, supported by the Danish Business-to-Business Programme, combines the access to abundant bamboo raw materials and production facilities of Bac Ninh in Northern Vietnam and Prodex’s design of durable bamboo fences, technical skills and strong access to the European market.
The bamboo fence project in Vietnam seeks to explore new designs and production methods to better reflect the current demand in the market in terms of design and quality, not mass production and low prices. The strategic cooperation between the two partners will focus on quality, customizations and the ability to make products by using Vietnamese raw materials.
The business cooperation is expected to create 10 new jobs at Bac Ninh’s factory in 2006 plus a number of jobs with sub-suppliers and bamboo growers. Over time, the collaboration is expected to result in a separate company being established and a larger and more diverse turnover.

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