Danish Hempel Establishes Factory In Vietnam

The Danish Hempel Group, a global producer of protective coatings for marine and industrial applications, officially inaugurated its new paint production plant in the Vietnamese-Singapore Industrial Park in Binh Duong Province near Ho Chi Minh City on June 06.
Danish Ambassador to Vietnam Peter Lysholt Hansen said in his opening speech “I would like to congratulate Hempel with this significant step forward in your market development here in Vietnam. Hempel is certainly no newcomer to the Vietnamese market. Hempel’s decision to establish production facilities here is the third major event this year within Danish marine investments in Vietnam. In February, MAN B&W signed an agreement for license-based production of engines here. And only three weeks ago, Aalborg Industries Vietnam opened their new factory, a joint venture with Vinashin, in Haiphong,”
“Together you will serve as a strong inspiration for other Danish companies. Within the past six months, we have had two major marine delegations in Vietnam, bringing more than 40 companies within this sector Vietnam. Today’s celebration will certainly be of interest to them also.” The Ambassador added.
Hempel products are mainly to serve shipbuilding, petrochemical, steel structure and industrial paint industries that are developing in Vietnam, especially shipbuilding.

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