Swedish Entrepreneurs Introduce Prestigious Green Fee Concession Membership

A group of Swedish investors, among others Mr. Michael Lindell, former founder, Principle and CEO of Outsourced Supply Management, OSM, and Mr. Lars Sternmarker, former CEO of IMG Scandinavia, have joined hands to operate the Australasia Pacific franchise for Open Fairways, a leading provider of green fee privileges and associated benefits in Europe and Asia.

Open Fairways Asia recently made its official Thailand launch at a networking event arranged by the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok.

Thailand and Asean are core territories for the Open Fairways operations and have been carefully selected as pilot markets preceding a full scale Australasia launch,” says Mr. Michael Lindell, Chairman and Principle Investor of Open Fairways Asia during the official launch event.

Now in its eleventh year of operation since the start in Northern Ireland, and its headquarters located in Belfast, more than 1,400 golf courses world wide have joined Open Fairways. The Asian franchise already includes over 100 courses in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Macau, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Cambodia. The number of membership courses is growing by the day and before the end of 2006 Open Fairways Asia will have a number of quality golf courses in Australia, Brunei, Indonesia as well as Singapore while activities in Japan and Korea will be launched in 2007.

“British championship golfer Nick Faldo has been a faithful promoter of Open Fairways from the outset. His support is a valuable contribution to the brand’s credibility. Over the years the Open Fairways product has shown that Open Fairways provides excellent marketing and branding opportunities. Companies like Hilton, IBM and Coca Cola customize the Open Fairways Golfer’s Passport directory and membership products with their logos as corporate gifts, corporate hospitality products and employee benefits,” says Michael Lindell and adds that Open Fairways Asia is now seeking cooperation agreements with a selected clientele throughout the region.

What is your goal 2006 for your operation in Asia?

“We expect to recruit in excess of 250+ top quality golf courses throughout the region and inaugurate wholly owned and operated companies in at least five Asean territories, states Michael Lindell who is confident that more than 10.000

individual and corporate memberships will be sold by Open Fairways Asia in 2006 “At the equivalent of 250 USD per membership and allowing up to four players per flight exclusive green fee concessions of up to 50%, the membership pays for itself in just a couple of rounds of play. To be able to play locally, regionally and globally using the Open Fairways membership is a compelling proposition for any quality conscious golfer”

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