Growing ISS Enters The Philippines

ISS is continuing its growth in Asia with its latest take over of the cleaning company Gayren Maintenance Service in the Philippines.
Gayen has 1.500 employees, this makes it one of ISS smaller acquirements, but the seemingly small deal is thought as a part of something bigger.
“We believe that Asia on the whole is going to be the fastest growing market for ISS. That is why we keep finding interesting new businesses out here. The Philippines has an enormous potential, and that is something we would like to develop,” Head of ISS in Asia, Martin Gaarn Thomsen, says to Jyllands-Posten.
Gayren has around 100 customers in Manila’s financial hub “Makati”, which places it among the four to five medium sized companies operating in the Philippines.

10th in Asia – 47th in the world
Currently ISS is busy expanding its business to new countries. In 2005 the enterprises entered India, Turkey, Russia, New Zealand and Estonia. At the same time ISS increased its activities in China especially in Hong Kong.
According to Gaarn Thomsen ISS is riding on the back of the many multi national companies establishing themselves or expanding in China. This means growth rates around 30 percent and employment of 500 to 1000 new Chinese every month.
“We are very happy with the development in China,” Martin Gaarn Thomsen says adding that he also hopes that ISS soon can enter Vietnam and Korea.
As ISS enters the Philippines they have established themselves in 47 countries all over the world – 10 of them located in Asia.

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