Thai Rival Ready To Pounce Upon Carlsberg

As reported earlier on ScandAsia the Danish brewery company Carlsberg is already fighting an uphill battle in Malaysia, where strong competitors are stealing valuable market shares.
And it doesn’t looking as the fighting is going to get any easier as Thai Brewer “Cahroen Sirivadhanabhakdi”, owner of Thai Beverage, is planning to expand his sales areas.
Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi has announced that markets like Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines and Malaysia are going to be the next stop for Thai Beverage. This will put the Thai brewer into another fight for market shares with Carlsberg.
Carlsberg’s acquaintance Cahroen Sirivadhanabhakdi started as a partner ship in order to conquer the Thai market, but after a while Cahroen Sirivadhanabhakdi decided that he was better of with out Carlsberg and put a stop to the partnership – thus leaving Carlsberg without any presence in Thailand and the two as bitter rivals.
Thai Beverage produce the popular Chang-beer and Mekong-whiskey and has a 60 percent share on the Thai marked.

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