Norway supports waste disposal project in Laos

Norwegian government has supported a setup of rubbish disposal site in Pakse to help the city avoid future waste crisis.
     The Lao PDR has not had the pollution experienced in other areas of Southeast Asia. Since the mid-1990s however, cities have been expanding continuously and waste disposal has become a big issue in the Lao PDR.
     Times will prove that the population will be faced with pollution if we don’t have early solutions, said Finn Reske-Nielsen, the Danish Resident UN Coordinator and Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme.
     Garbage trucks have been used for five years and sites for rubbish disposal have been set up in Luang Prabang, Thakek, Savannakhet with support from the UNDP and in Pakse with support from the Norwegian government.
     UNDP has initiated waste disposal project in four cities with clear measures to avoid a waste crisis. These, said the UNDP representative, could be used to create a long term plan and advice for the collection of waste and for public participation.

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